Utility Reduction Services

URA is designed to customize a utility savings analysis to meet your business needs.

Telecommunications & Cellular

URA provides monthly reports and make suggestions regarding changes to your Telecommunications and Cellular plans.


It is always wise to evaluate the cost you are paying for your electricity.

Natural Gas

Your company maintains full control while we provide you with gas buying options needed to make informed decisions.


Our goal is to achieve the greatest savings possible for your organization.

Water and Sewer

URA will track your usage trends and identify options to lower your utility bills.

Special Projects

Do you have a special project but not the project management expertise or staff time?

URA's Utility Reduction Process

We utilize a proven, four-step process.

Start the Process

Never hesitate -- gather information today.

Start Process Now

Trusted by companies across the United States

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Executive Partnerships

Referral Partners
URA works in conjunction with key professionals across all industries who receive commissions for assisting URA with generating new business opportunities. Our partners already have established working relationships with CEOs and CFOs and are typically looking to add value to their already strong business relationships.

Business Alliance
URA partners with other professional organizations who have similar values and business models with an expertise in another industry that they want to share.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a referral partner, or discussing a possible business alliance, contact us via our Alliances Page.